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THE Challange

The Vimukti App deeply commits to addressing the educational disparities vulnerable girls face. In different regions, these girls lack access to proper educational resources and are limited in skill development. The app is intended to bridge the gap by offering convenient access to educational resources but has limitations regarding skill development. The app intends to bridge this gap by offering convenient access to educational content customized to their requirements. It also ensures that girls can access the learning material anywhere, anytime, promoting the self-paced learning atmosphere. It suits their unique circumstances. Moreover, the app tracks educational progress, letting mentors and educators offer customized support to each student.

Should be Our Solution

Users of the Vimukti App enjoy different benefits. They access better quality educational content covering different skills and subjects, enhancing holistic development. The app provides flexibility, enabling the girls to learn at their own pace and accommodating work or family responsibilities. It endorses financial independence by offering vocational training and job placement support. In addition, the app develops a supportive community, permitting the users to connect with their peers and mentors for encouragement and guidance. Lastly, the app empowers the girls by enhancing their self-esteem and confidence and enabling them to pursue careers and opportunities they have never considered before.


Feature Highlights

Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Content Management
  • Mentorship Matching
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Communication Tools
  • Job Placement Support

User Panel

  • Educational Content
  • Progress Tracking
  • Community Forums
  • Job Portal
  • Support Centre



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