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The pandemic changed how the Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality industry operates. Both established travel firms and startups worldwide are seeking innovative software solutions to stay competitive and attract new customers.

As a leading online travel and hospitality software development company, eBizneeds understands how to guide your organization in post-Coronavirus recovery, giving you an edge over competitors who may still be unsure about investing in the latest digital trends and technologies for their travel business.

Tailor-Made Travel Software Development Services

As a renowned travel software development company, eBizneeds has years of experience in mobile and web application development and is recommended by various travel specialists worldwide. Our software development services will enhance your travel planning to land with the latest technologies and trends.

Travel Website Design

Travel Website Design

Our designers, UX-trained professionals and coders have created websites for most of the greatest travel brands, including Fred. All our travel website development solutions convey an attractive and natural client experience that generates enquiries and sales.

Tour Operator Systems

Tour Operator Systems

As a renowned tour app development company, we have a proven track record in creating tour operator frameworks and offer inventory management which enable you to sell your own and third-party products through your site.

Campsite Website Design

Campsite Website Design

We offer personalized and customized services for setting up campsites, empowering you to promote your camping area online and take bookings. We offer professional content management software development to manage all your website data.

Travel Booking Systems

Travel Booking Systems

Flexible travel and hospitality booking frameworks are important for maintaining a successful business in travel industry. Our professionally-designed planned travel booking frameworks offer bespoke holiday bundles, enabling you to deliver scalable booking courses.

Ticket Booking Software

Ticket Booking Software

eBizneeds offers a new ticket booking framework that will enable you to sell tickets through reservation system for festivals and occasions. It enables you to combine these with various travel items, including flights, accommodation, and transport.

Travel API Development

Travel API Development

eBizneeds offer travel portal API development and integration services that connect you to all the data you want to show your potential users. Your clients are prepared to leverage the benefits of the cheapest deals on travelling.


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Our Projects


Australian Cruise Group is a leading tourism and hospitality company based on Sydney Harbour. Launching in 1983, with one 100-seater vessel, Australian Cruise Group has expanded over the years to add two authentic paddle wheelers under its ‘Sydney Showboats’ offering and later, Majestic Cruises and Ocean Spirit Cruises. They have now consolidated their cruise operations and offer a range of marketing and tech under the one banner.

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Polofactory is a business inspired by a passion for polo. The company designs and manufactures top quality polo equipment and polo inspired fashion and accessories. Polofactory also organizes bespoke polo holidays in India, the United Kingdom, Argentina, and New Zealand. The company acts as a consultancy through its expertise in team and tournament management, event planning, production and infrastructure development and management. Clients include schools, corporate houses, filmmakers and patrons of the sport.


Victorian Mortgage Group (VMG)

Victorian Mortgage Group (VMG) is a family-owned and managed business that has been lending to Australian borrowers since 1946. For over 70 years, VMG has consistently applied a flexible approach to the assessment of their clients’ finances, giving new opportunities to borrowers who have been turned away from the major lenders.

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Venturis make FUNDRAISING INTERACTIVE and COMPARABLE for both crypto & traditional. For any development stage and all fundraising types. NO LISTING FEE, NO MONTHLY FEE, NO COMMISSION. Deals are made directly between investors and projects. No advertising – instead you can earn money from sponsoring. The platform has all elements of a modern Social Media platform and combines their benefits with fundraising. Investors can interact and engage with finance projects as they could never do it before.

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Why Work with eBizneeds for Travel Software Development?

Choosing the right technology partner for your dream project is nothing like a cakewalk. As the travel sector is becoming more innovative, your travel software must have all the latest features and functionalities to keep you ahead of your competitors. Here are a few reasons why you should work eBizneeds:

Customer Experience

Our team is available 24/7 to assist our clients with their queries and issues. We use high-level communication protocols to keep the development process transparent and provide user friendly real time experience.

Data Security

We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your app idea and details are safe with us and will not be shared with any outsider or third party.


Even if you contact us after years of delivery of your project, we will be happy to welcome you and help you with the issues and problems with your solution.

Result-Oriented Solutions

We have an in-house team of experienced Travel developers that are experts in curating future-ready solutions to meet all the business needs of travel agencies.

Agile Methodology

We follow an agile methodology for Travel app development to ensure the delivery of result-oriented and seamless mobile app solutions for our client base.

Expert Developers

We have a pool of experts well-equipped with the latest trends and technologies of travel that offer user-centric solutions for businesses.

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