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Transportation Software Development Solutions For Reducing Costs And Enhancing Productivity

We are all developed with required and different engagement models to consider your logistic business to advance and create it excel at a global level.

Indeed, the logistics and transportation business can be considered a complex set of individual operations. Hence, different businesses miss much of their turnover in operation costs. Hence, to secure the business with their turnover, we at eBizneeds, use innovative and advanced technologies to develop the new era of logistics apps and software that highly control all business operations. Our result-oriented logistic solutions decline operation redundancy and influence efficiency with productivity that transforms into business growth.

Our technical advancement facilitates an inclusive pass to logistic companies by making it a remotely accessible, linked, and apt analytical and financial management app that makes simple fleet management, driver management, and order delivery.

Features of Transport & Logistics App Solutions

Businesses must distinguish themselves in the crowded market and develop a solid reputation among consumers. You will profit significantly from our developed Logistics app development services and solutions.

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Since we are a leading logistics app development company and know logistics & transportation businesses need to be very visible, we offer app solutions for functional evaluation. Additional advantages include decreased performance gaps and the ability to make effective business decisions.

Actual Data Analytics

Actual Data Analytics

The logistics & transport sector may enhance their supply chain management system with current statistics and gathered data using our developed websites, software programmes, and mobile apps. Drivers can use this to upgrade the mobile App if they are arriving early or running delayed

Operational Effectiveness

Operational Effectiveness

By enabling your staff to handle delivery paperwork, track prices, and perform many other things effectively with our designed technologically driven logistics and transportation management platforms, you can increase your company's operational effectiveness.

Simple Order Processing

Simple Order Processing

eBizneeds, a reputable firm that develops logistics and transportation apps, offers services and an order management platform that manages all orders and includes data like order input, details of orders, stock, functioning, and after-sales support.

Control Tracking

Control Tracking

With our offered transport software engineering services & solutions, organizations may track all of them, whether they are shipments, vehicles, or corporate resources. Productivity is boosted by the solution's automatic routing and scheduling optimization features.

Shortened Time And Cost

Shortened Time And Cost

Drivers may use our developed digital logistics management app development services to locate quicker routes and reduce gasoline costs. Additionally, there are other advantages, including reduced overall expenses, effective operations, and function streamlining.

Our Projects


The virtual reality firm Rouvr enlisted our assistance in creating an innovative VR platform that enabled real-time user interaction with 3D objects. The app we built for Rouvr was a major factor in the company receiving numerous important collaborations and funding.


Digital Sathi

Our group collaborated with Digital Sathi, a social media marketing business, to design a dashboard for them to use in monitoring important indicators and producing reports for their customers. It allowed them to better serve their customers and streamline their operations.


Marwari Horse Society

Use our mobile app to learn about the rich history of Marwari horses. For the Marwari Horse Society, our team created an interactive platform to exhibit the breed's distinctive qualities, connect breeders, and educate aficionados.



Wetruck, a logistics company, contacted us to create a mobile app to help truck drivers locate and book available cargo. Wetruck was able to streamline and improve upon many of their core operations thanks to the aid of our software.



With Aimeo, an all-in-one platform for employee engagement, transform your workplace. In order to offer customised experiences, surveys, and training programmes for your employees, we developed a mobile app that interfaces with your HR systems.


The Venturis

We worked with The Venturis, a venture capital business, to create a unique CRM system that improved the management of their investment portfolio. The system's sophisticated analytics and reporting features enabled The Venturis to make better investment choices.


Hawk I Track

Our company collaborated with Hawk I Track, a GPS tracking firm, to create a smartphone app that reveals the precise whereabouts of the user's vehicles at any given moment. With the aid of our software, Hawk I Track was able to increase their customer base and provide better service to their existing clientele.


My Pinpad

Protect your transactions with this ground-breaking mobile application that transforms your phone into a secure payment terminal. Our team created a user-friendly interface with market-leading security features that enables retailers to accept payments from any location.


Our Logistics Software Development Solutions

Our emerging and dynamic business requirements are automated logistics software development services, and it is competent to cater to all your operational requirements. Our comprehensive software app development services for logistics will improve both your internal and external supply systems.

Fleet Management Software Development

Our fleet management software development services support you in providing transparency into fuel consumption, vehicle location, and augmented vehicle maintenance. We set your fleet management app with different functional features integrated with your business requirements. Handle real insights on possible movements and potential vehicle delays, and route your packages easily and locations.

Shipping Logistics Management Software Development

Streamlining the warehouse shipping logistics software functionality, accessing export shipment reports, automating the billing upon shipments, and optimizing different warehouse shipment records, all via our shipment management software solutions. Additionally, you may offer automated shipment logistics solutions including cranes, sorting mechanisms, auto conveying systems, and bar codes.

Asset Tracking Software Development

Our tracking professionals are skilled at creating specialised logistics solutions for efficiently tracking and handling your resources, such as trucks, large machinery, and automobiles. We are a professional logistic software development firm. Our logistics and asset tracking software supports computerized maintenance, asset performance management, integrated workplace management, warehouse management, smart inventory management, and more.

Telematics Software Development

Our approaches for developing bespoke logistics software take into account telematics offerings that can improve traffic management and vehicle performance. Our custom transport logistics software solutions optimize the traffic flow according to existing transport infrastructure. Therefore you are continuously updated with the traffic insights on your expected route.

Logistics and Freight Management Development

As a recognized logistics software development company, our end-to-end freight management solutions consider freight pay and audit, freight and logistics assessment, forecasting and reporting, and web-based logistics management software development. It takes control of utterly logistics and supply chain system.

Transportation Management Software Development

Our bespoke logistics software development services take into account mobile and online platforms for transportation management software systems. Transportation management app development and logistics software solutions support you in actual data interaction, business intelligence bots support, custom reporting, and better user engagement.

Warehouse Management

We specialize in developing warehouse management software powered by smart AI techs that efficiently supports logistics companies such as inventory management. Our developers control your inventory entirely with AI-backed planning regarding warehouse functioning and robust, customized warehouse management software.

Dating Portal Development

Meet and make new friends with the dating portals that list down all your known friends related to your education, work, or living with higher security infrastructures.

Order Management

Enhance customer service, implement orders faster, and increase profit margins with our accessible order management software solutions. It automates your order-handling procedures. Our order management software solutions support dynamic pricing, streamlining the product setup, and enabling global order assurance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want rapid evolution and business expansion, focus on transportation and logistics app development solutions. In the digital era, it is required to consider current trends; hence we offer technology-driven solutions for logistics & transportation businesses. It helps to address the user requirements in detail and acquire the business goals.

Of course, We have experience handling international clients per their time zone. Our developers manage their working hours according to the convenient time of clients.

As a top-notch logistics and transportation software development company, we have significant experience offering diverse logistics and transportation development solutions combined with the current technologies for meeting users' demands. These solutions are traffic management, on-demand logistics, parking management, fuel management, fleet management, car rental, and taxi-hailing.

Being a top-notch transport and logistics app development company, we offer complete data security and confidentiality regarding the project. Due to this, we sign an NDA; hence you can trust us to estimate privacy.

Businesses can obtain different benefits by using customized logistics software development services like impressive UI apps, adapting the way for gathering information, fascinating practices, easy and rapid digital transactions, and augmented vehicle control.

No, we discuss with our clients before initiating the project and then tell them the accurate pricing. Apart from this, our dedicated team performs hard to complete the project within the restricted time and budget.

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