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As a prominent social media app development company, eBizneeds connects you with seasoned industry experts adept at delivering innovative social media applications and platforms. Our comprehensive social media app development services encompass communication apps and social marketing apps, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the digital realm.

Customized Social Media Apps

A custom social networking app is one of the best ideas you can consider for developing your social networking app. There are several advantages of customized apps. We have the right expertise to develop a custom social media app.

Corporate Networking Apps

Corporate networking app is trending now these days. These app types provide a platform for professionals from different fields to connect with others. The experts can connect and make their online community.

Image & Video Sharing Apps

The apps like tiktok and instagram are the best example of image & video-sharing apps. These apps have revolutionized the whole market. Millions of users find these apps interesting. You can also gran their interest via a unique app.

Social Networking Web App

Social networking web apps run on any browser and remain independent. These can execute on any platform. One of the best points is social networking web apps are cost-effective, and you can choose & develop them with the help of eBizneeds.

Empower Your Brand with Cutting-edge Social Media App Development

In today's dynamic digital landscape, empowering your brand with cutting-edge social media app development is essential for staying competitive and engaging with your target audience effectively. As a top-tier social media app development company, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions tailored to meet your brand's unique requirements.

Our team of skilled experts possesses a wealth of experience in delivering high-quality apps that drive user engagement and brand growth. From communication apps that enhance connectivity to social marketing apps that boost your online presence, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Elevate your brand's online influence and seize new opportunities with our unparalleled social media app development services.

The Following Are Some Glimpses of Your Next Social Media App Development-

  • Smooth execution
  • Stunning Interface
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • In-App Call & Chat
  • Robust Backend
  • Marketing Tools
  • User Privacy

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Social Media App Development Process


Conduct Market Research

Collaborate with your business consultant and team to talk about the viability of your social networking app. You should be well-versed in the social media app industry.



It is recommended to prototype the procedure to determine what customers anticipate from the app's functionality. If the social media app's UI is well-designed, the user will have little trouble learning how to utilize it to solve his issue quickly.


Design and Development

You may start making it as soon as you have a plan for developing the app. The Agile approach should be used to hasten development and steer it on the most fruitful path.


App Testing

Manual and automated testing must be performed on an app before, during, and after its development. The results of these tests contribute to confirming its usability and general popularity. If you want to wow users with your app, you must ensure it's bug-free.


Launch the App

Once your social network app has been thoroughly tested and approved by quality assurance engineers, it will be released to the public. Before releasing your app, you'll need a strong advertising effort to get the word out.


App Maintenance

After launch, we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your app remains highly accessible, reliable, and up to speed with market expectations. To prevent users from being forced to delete your programme, our developers keep an eye out for and address such issues.


Features to Consider When Developing Social Media App

When developing a social media app, it's crucial to carefully consider the features that will drive user engagement and enhance the overall user experience. Discover the essential features to ensure your app's success!


A user can sign up for the app with the help of an email and phone number. After creating the account, they can set their username and password for login.

Profile Creation

A social media app user can create their profile easily on your app. They can set the profile image, details, and privacy option to display on the app.

Location-Based Search

The user can perform a location-based search to find the profiles of other users and services at their nearby locations.

Friend Request

If allowed, an individual can view another user's profile and send a friend request if the other user's profile is open to accepting the requests.

Notifications and emails

Regarding updates such as app updates or the received messages or friend requests, the users will be instantly notified via notification and email.

User Privacy

The users have complete control over their privacy settings. They can choose to remain open or privately on the social media app. They can also choose who can send the request.

Admin Dashboard

It is a simple dashboard; the admin can see everything happening in their app and make the necessary adjustments to ensure everything runs smoothly.

User Management

An admin can assign the trip to the drivers based on the availability of the vehicles.


The push notification feature allows the admin to communicate with the users instantly. They can send messages in real-time about any update or app policy change.

Content Management

The admin will have complete control over the app and the shared content. If any information breaks the law, they can immediately remove it.

Fake News Control

Fake news is one of the biggest concerns on social media apps. An admin can identify fake news and remove it from the app's content based on the tools.

App Promotion

This section contains tools that help the admin promote their social networking app on the other platform. This feature helps in running advertising campaigns.

In-app purchase

Here you can provide the users with the purchase items like clothing, goodies, and so on. You can also permit their parties to sell their products through it.

Traffic Insight

It showcases the area from where the traffic is created. Along with this, several user activities on the app are also an essential element of insight.

Social Network Analytics tool

This feature allows the admin to study the user’s behaviour and activities. You can also assess how your campaign is functioning. It is a must to consider the feature for assessing the app’s performance.

Integrated Messaging

User communication can successfully interact with the integrated messaging features. It permits them to video call, chat, and also send voice messages to each other.

Google Map Integration

The users can share their current and live location to celebrate parties, meetings, or events.

Live Streaming

The highly interactive feature that users can use to live stream their running activities. It has similar features to Facebook live streaming.

Why Choose eBizneeds For Social Media App Development?

At eBizneeds, there are skilled social media developer teams. We can provide superior networking software. The scope of your company's influence may be expanded with the aid of these programmes. The app development process may be streamlined by employing specialist app developers.

Best User Experience

Almost all smartphone or internet users use at least one social media app. The reason behind the popularity of these apps is user engagement. Our skilled developers can assist you with the best for the same.


It allows you to implement unique functionality in your app and help you differentiate it from existing ones. Our developers have in-depth knowledge to develop unique apps.

Social Networking Analytics

Social networking apps are now leveraging real-time analytics. It is because it gives insight into user behaviour that can be used to make strategic decisions. We have the expertise in implementing real-time analytics into the apps.

AI-Based Features

Artificial intelligence is influencing everything from our life to app development. eBizneeds social media app developers with extraordinary expertise in developing and implementing AI-based functionality in mobile apps.

Higher ROI

Our prime focus is developing mobile and web apps that generate high ROI. With us, you will experience the best you have ever gotten. It is our speciality to deliver visually impressive social media apps.

Assured Solutions

We have the services you need very significantly. We can create everything you need for social networking, from a specialized mobile webpage to an improved social app.


Frequently Asked Questions

For creating social media, it would be best to go with the following steps:

Define you niche

Shortlist the features you want to implement

Decide versions, i.e., basic or advanced

Choose platform

Hire social media app developers

Develop, test, and launch the app

App marketing & promotion

Almost all internet users worldwide use social media apps to connect to their communities and others. So, suppose you want to generate great revenue and want to do brand promotion innovatively. In that case, social media app development is beneficial.

The cost to build a social media app can vary significantly depending on the app's complexity, features, platforms, and development resources. It can range from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars. A precise estimation requires a detailed analysis of the project's requirements and scope.

With us, you will find ample engagement models you can choose per your needs. The following are key engagement & hiring models that we provide:




Dedicated Hiring

Fixed Price

Hourly Basis

The development time for a social media app varies depending on its complexity, features, and platforms. A basic app may take a few months, while a more advanced app with intricate functionalities could take six months to a year or even longer. Proper planning, efficient development, and testing processes can help expedite the development timeline.

When developing a social media app, some essential factors to consider are user-friendliness, scalability, security, real-time communication, seamless integration with social networks, personalized content, and robust analytics to understand user behavior.

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