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Almost every industry is influenced by technology. However, food and beverages are critical necessities of our lives. The same fact exclusively keeps the strength to give a massive boom to it. Technology integration has also filled the food and beverage sector with daily business. Food and beverage app development requires creative strategies to beat the market

At eBizneeds, our developers support clients to access market trends with our creative and innovative food and beverage web and mobile app solutions. We focus on productivity, delivery management, profit, and implementation. The developers and designers at eBizneeds understand our target audience of clients and support them with an online platform or portals that perform beyond their job performance. It provides an exceptional experience to the users. In addition, our clients get customers in the current era by providing services with experiences.

Market-Ready Features of Food and Beverage App

We develop your App with features intended to make your food and beverage services effective.


Send location-based deals

As a leading food delivery app development company, our developers focus on GPS functionality to support you in sharing location based deals. Despite being an unfailing marketing technique, our GPS integration supports your customers and stakeholders in getting reservation options and drives the instruction feasible on their application.


Share reviews via social media

We allow your customers to leave a review on your food and beverage services and share them on social media channels from within the App. The feature is designed to be a powerful marketing strategy that helps to boost your sales in food and beverage app development.

customer database

Maintain customer database

As a food and beverage app development company, we have better tracking features that maintain tracking of people who viewed, downloaded, and visited your application. Our food and beverage app developers create a dashboard for you to collect their contact details and keep an inclusive database. It can be applied to carrying out targeted marketing operations.

easy meny display

Easy menu display

We consider interactive features, images, and easy menu configuration in developing the food delivery app or an effective dine-in solution. We also allow your users to mark their favourites after finding broadly the advanced filters intended according to cuisines, prices, and taste choices.

Payroll and Accounting

Payroll and Accounting Services

A team that supports your enterprises in managing their payrolls and other accounting details can be a considerable challenge. The app developers integrate simple accounting software for handling your finances.

Convenient checkout

Convenient checkout

Our food and beverage mobile app solutions also consider the solutions wherein customers can quickly check out by your App via a few clicks on the screen. You will notify about the vacant table status.

Online Food Ordering Management

Online Food Ordering Management

Let your users order their food and beverage online and select if they wish to take away, get food delivered, or dine in. Additionally, online food ordering management software makes food delivery operations straightforward.

Manage profile

Manage profile

From profile descriptions to several delivery addresses and everything in between, like selecting their preferred payment technique, our food delivery app development considers all profile management functionalities.

Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Managing your food delivery segment with the dashboard completely takes care of your business. You would need no extra app or software installation for managing different business segments.

Our Projects


The virtual reality firm Rouvr enlisted our assistance in creating an innovative VR platform that enabled real-time user interaction with 3D objects. The app we built for Rouvr was a major factor in the company receiving numerous important collaborations and funding.


Digital Sathi

Our group collaborated with Digital Sathi, a social media marketing business, to design a dashboard for them to use in monitoring important indicators and producing reports for their customers. It allowed them to better serve their customers and streamline their operations.


Marwari Horse Society

Use our mobile app to learn about the rich history of Marwari horses. For the Marwari Horse Society, our team created an interactive platform to exhibit the breed's distinctive qualities, connect breeders, and educate aficionados.



Wetruck, a logistics company, contacted us to create a mobile app to help truck drivers locate and book available cargo. Wetruck was able to streamline and improve upon many of their core operations thanks to the aid of our software.



With Aimeo, an all-in-one platform for employee engagement, transform your workplace. In order to offer customised experiences, surveys, and training programmes for your employees, we developed a mobile app that interfaces with your HR systems.


The Venturis

We worked with The Venturis, a venture capital business, to create a unique CRM system that improved the management of their investment portfolio. The system's sophisticated analytics and reporting features enabled The Venturis to make better investment choices.


Hawk I Track

Our company collaborated with Hawk I Track, a GPS tracking firm, to create a smartphone app that reveals the precise whereabouts of the user's vehicles at any given moment. With the aid of our software, Hawk I Track was able to increase their customer base and provide better service to their existing clientele.


My Pinpad

Protect your transactions with this ground-breaking mobile application that transforms your phone into a secure payment terminal. Our team created a user-friendly interface with market-leading security features that enables retailers to accept payments from any location.


Comprehensive Food and Beverage Software Solutions

Develop our unique solution for speeding up the implementation and easing the food ordering procedure with fewer delays and confusion.

High-end security

As a top-notch food delivery app development company, we use an encrypted-based security system that avoids unauthorized data access.

100% customizable

Our custom food delivery solutions consider the app development with your brand pre-set, like colours, fonts, themes, etc.

Multilingual support

Your food and beverage delivery app should speak the customer's language; hence, we facilitate multilingual app support as a food and beverage development company.

Third-party integrations

Integrate the multiple delivery models for your food and beverage industry and develop theme based food app. As a food delivery app company, we can do it all.

Take Orders Online

We create efficient, robust, and customized mobile Apps that allow you to give customers online orders. You can double your earnings with App designed strategically per specific needs.

Single Point of Contact

We assign the committed project manager who will be your single point of contact for all project-related issues, and they will keep you in the loop about all the developments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you are willing for developing your own food delivery mobile app. In that case, you should be well-equipped with the increasing competition and steps for developing the user-centric custom food delivery application. For developing a food delivery app like Uber Eats, you will require a food delivery app development company such as eBizneeds that can assist you in growing the market.

Based on the features you are seeking to add to your on-demand food delivery mobile App along with the resources that it will require to get your App transformed from its discovery to releasing phase. The food delivery app development cost will be between $30k to $40k or more. For the proper estimation, you can connect with our experts.

We provide the sequence of benefits that you can reap. Let's explore a few:

  • Scalability
  • Affordable services
  • Secure data management
  • Technical expertise
  • Secure data management
  • Current work methodology and more.

We offer the following offerings when it comes to the food and beverage industry:

  • ERP and CRM solution
  • IT infrastructure services
  • Mobile and web app development
  • Customer Analytics
  • Maintenance and support

We focus on the below food and beverage segments to enhance the features of this industry:

  • Online stores
  • Chain restaurants
  • Retail and wholesale food distributor
  • Food Processing
  • Food delivery and rating firms
  • Food manufacturing and packaging

Yes, of course. We comprehend the unique requirements and standards of the food and beverage industry. We understand that each customer has unique business challenges and objectives. Hence, with a base of industry-specific best practices with depth business knowledge, our developers provide customized solutions to clients.

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