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Privacy policy of Use

1. Introduction

  • We are committed to protect the personal information of our customers and site users at eBizneeds. It aims to explain how eBizneeds plans to use and handle any personal information you provide quickly. When you view or use, you agree to the policies, terms, and practices described in this Privacy Statement
  • What happens to any information you provide us or that we learn about you from your visit to our website is detailed in this Privacy Policy. Please note that we may change this Policy anytime, so you should check back often.

2. What Kind of Data Do You Gather?

  • Your website's or app's purpose and the nature of your business will dictate the types of data your organization gathers from digital customers. Digitally obtained personal data often includes:
    • Full name.
    • Nationality
    • Email address.
    • Contact number.
    • Skype ID
  • Some data may be more tailored to the customer's behavior on the site. You may also gather this information if users upload photos, leave comments on posts, or "like" other users' profiles.

3. Assured Benefits of Our Privacy Policy

  • Third-party apps and the law demand that you have a privacy policy before they allow you to collect or use any personal information about their users.

4. Creating Reliance

  • A clear privacy policy is another way to earn your consumers' confidence. They will notice that you are careful with their data and personal information, follow the rules, and are open about the information you acquire and how you use it.
  • A privacy statement is always recommended, even if your website or app collects no user data. Customers may be confused or misled if they don't notice a privacy policy when they visit a website or use an app. Put up a sign declaring as much rather than requesting people's contact information.

5. Authority and Law

  • By using the website or any of our Services, you consent to process your data under this Policy. Suppose there is a disagreement over your personal information. In that case, it will be handled by this Policy and our website Terms of Use, including the relevant restrictions on harms and settling disputes. This Policy includes the eBizneeds Terms of Service by reference.

6. Methods for Information Collection through Cookies and Related Technologies

  • Cookies and other popular online tracking tools are used by us and our third-party service providers to gather information about how you use our website and services. This information is gathered and stored in an aggregate form so that we may better personalize how we communicate with you as you explore and enhance our website.

7. Why do we use cookies?

  • For the purpose of remembering your preferences, our website may store a "cookie," or small data file, on your computer's hard drive. The following are some of the reasons why cookies are used:
    • We use administrative cookies to maintain records of how you use our website and monitor your usage of other websites, such as remembering your login information or preferred settings.
    • It aids in making a more precise fit between your needs and our offerings.
    • Cookies are accepted by default by the vast majority of browsers. Your browser may be adjusted to prevent all cookies or to prompt you before accepting cookies again.
    • Additionally, you may disable cookies entirely via your browser settings.
    • You can continue to browse our site, but certain features or sections of the site and our services may not work without the cookie.

8. Tips for Enforcing Your Company's Privacy Rules

  • It would be best to make your privacy policy easily accessible so that consumers may read it, accept its terms, or reject it.
  • An initial pop-up upon consumer entry to your website or before submitting personal data (such as payment information for purchase) is the simplest method to achieve this
  • Get their OK on moving forward after explaining the conditions.
  • Customers may read the privacy policy on your eBizneeds site, as most businesses give a summary with a link to the entire document.
  • A solid privacy policy does more than merely win over sceptical clients. It is required by law.
  • A contract attorney is an excellent resource if you need assistance drafting a privacy policy that fits your company's needs

9. How to back up your data?

  • By submitting your information, you are permitting us to do so. We follow all the protocols necessary to keep your data safe throughout storage. The data you are transmitting online is not secure because of the ease with which it may be intercepted. If you choose to communicate with us automatically, you do so at a personal risk; we cannot ensure the safety of the data you give us.

10. How We Protect Your Data

  • To the best of our ability and in line with this Privacy Statement, we will safeguard any personally identifiable information you disclose.
  • Your personal information is protected against abuse, loss, tampering, and destruction by utilizing appropriate technological, administrative, and physical measures.
  • Please understand that no matter how hard we try, the internet will always have vulnerabilities and mistakes.
  • We make no promises or guarantees about the safety of your private information.
  • You should always log out of a shared computer to reduce the risk of someone else accessing your personal information and accounts, including your username, password, phone number, and email address.
  • It would help if you chose a secure and challenging password to guess and keep a secret.
  • If you believe your password or user ID may have been hacked, you must immediately email to eBizneeds support team.
  • You are entirely accountable if your password or user ID is used to access the website without your permission.
  • We aren't usually the ones that handle any unauthorized use of your account or personal information that results from a lost, stolen, or hacked password.

11. Can the Privacy Statement be updated?

  • The Effective Date shown above is the present version of this Policy. At any time and without prior notice, we may revise, supplement, or otherwise alter the terms of this Policy as we see fit. If we decide to modify our Policy, we will announce them here. You agree to be bound by the most recent version of the Policy whenever you use the website. Users are encouraged to check back with this Privacy Statement regularly to be apprised of any modifications.

12. How to Get in Touch With Us

  • If you have any feedback or questions about the information practices stated in this Policy, you can share them with us using the contact details below. is our official website address, and is our email address.

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