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THE Challange

The transforming landscape of eCommerce and digital payments drives the evolution of the Nimbbl app. It identifies the requirement for businesses to improve their checkout experiences and streamline payment procedures. It set out to create a solution to simplify the entire payment journey. The app was born to provide businesses an efficient and user-friendly payment solution. It integrates seamlessly with different UPI providers and BNPL. The Nimbbl app empowers businesses to thrive in digital marketplaces, where a frictionless and smooth payment experience can effectively influence revenue and customer satisfaction.

Should be Our Solution

Both businesses and consumers of the Nimbbl app may enjoy many compelling benefits. The app facilitates a one-click checkout solution for businesses, declining cart abandonment rates and increasing sales. It provides easy integration with UPI and BNPL providers, ensuring customers a versatile and secure payment experience. Moreover, the app may simplify reconciliation and financial tracking, saving businesses time and resources. For consumers, Nimbbl provides hassle-free and quick payments, whether using BNPL or UPI and improves their shopping experience. It also facilitates financial flexibility by letting the customers select from different payment choices.


Feature Highlights

Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Financial Reporting
  • Customer Supportg
  • Security and Compliance

User Panel

  • One-Click Checkout
  • Payment Options
  • Transaction History
  • Profile Management
  • Customer Support



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